A joint venture broker is a person who is trained to connect business partners together for profit-making projects. Joint venture brokers earn a pre-negotiated percentage of the profits earned from the joint venture that they helped put together.

Successful joint venture brokers are skilled networkers who are able to find key people/businesses in different niches and connect them to other people/businesses in the same niche in order to share one businesses products/services with another businesses customers.

Generally, joint venture brokers succeed by finding indirect competitors that both market to the same target audiences with different and complementary products/services. In finding such suitable partners, great joint venture partnerships can be created. For example, a jewelery and a furrier might partner together to do a mailing to their joint customer lists, promoting a package that benefits both entities.

As in that example, joint venture brokers are often hired by one business which has either a product, service, or a customer base that could be better monetized. The product/service owner seeks partners who have a customer base that is targeted to their product/service.

Like-wise the person/business with a customer base (often ezine/newsletter publishers or high traffic webmasters) will be seeking products and services related to their customers' interests so they can market them to their customers.

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