“The bigger question is why passengers should have to rely on a

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Hermes Replica Birkin It also refunded his $25 luggage fee.”Please accept my apologies about your entire flying experience with United Airlines and the inconvenience it caused,” United representative Yasser Husain told him in an email. “I certainly empathize with your situation about being without your luggage for two weeks and the lack of communication given by our baggage staff.”The bigger question is why passengers should have to rely on a representative to explain the rules when they could be posted online? USAirways, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines offer at least some guidance on their websites.”We chose not to put it online because we give customers that information when they file a claim,” Hobart told me.That leaves too much room for error.The only mention I could find on United’s website about reimbursement for lost luggage expenses was one sentence in the fine print on the lost luggage claim form, which says Hermes Replica Bags, “For interim expense reimbursement, receipts are required for all items purchased.”I wonder if airlines hesitate to put too much in writing because some airlines have gotten in trouble for printing policies that conflict with the law. Even those that do publish guidance provide only sketchy details.. Hermes Replica Birkin

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