Scott Gessler is the former Colorado Secretary of State and a

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canada goose Just a few presidential elections ago, plenty of Democratic voices chanted repeatedly the mantra are the change we seek. Is the time to actually do something.Scott Gessler is the former Colorado Secretary of State and a Denver attorney.Let the public see locations of all oil and gas pipelinesrespondFri, 25 Aug 2017 18:01:34 +0000When tragedy struck Canada Goose Sale in Firestone this spring, oil and gas companies, the governor, lawmakers and local governments and communities were quick to react with a again approach.After an abandoned low pressure supply line delivering gas from a wellhead to a tank battery leaked gas into a family home that exploded killing two men hundreds of wells were shut down temporarily, thousands of unregulated low pressure gas lines were tested and companies mapped their pipelines from place to place.It was an impressive response, and we are thankful the industry acted so responsibly.On Wednesday, Gov. John Hickenlooper laid out his plan to codify regulations for the industry in response to the explosion.We love his plan to charge current oil and gas operators some sort of fee to create a fund to cap the state 700 to 800 abandoned wells in a timely fashion. canada goose

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