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This is an interesting post, but I think your question at the end almost undermines your argument. You seem to be suggesting that we shouldn be judging the situation, but rather let it be handled by those who are actually involved in the situation. If that is the case, then a question around whether the media judged Overland unfairly would be more appropriate.

Clara Harris ran over her husband with her Mercedes Benz several times after confronting him and his mistress at a suburban Houston hotel. Harris was convicted of murder in February 2003 and sentenced to 20 years. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan) less. Yell and another man were on a snowmobile that collided head on with a vehicle on Hunter Lake Road in Fredenberg Township, according to the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office. Nobody else was injured..

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His stepfather brought him to one of our practices

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“His stepfather brought him to one of our practices,” Monroe said. “They told me other schools wanted to join their teams. I told him that we’d take good care of Sammy at Ooltewah. Ellis raised his scoring average every season during his career on Rocky Top. The 6 7, 205 pound forward averaged 7.1 points as a freshman in 1979 80, and that average rose to 17.7 ppg, 21.2 ppg and finally 22.6 ppg during his senior campaign in 1982 83. His 2,065 total points ranked third in program history at the conclusion of his UT career, and he currently ranks sixth on the school’s all time scoring list..

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